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Featured Artists

Here at Sparrow Interiors & Gifts, we strive to support local artists within our community. We are always rotating artists and showcasing new talent in our showroom. If you are an artist and are interested in collaborating with us, please fill out a submission on our contact page.



Nevena’s work focuses on the complex relationships between people and their surroundings. Her paintings are created with a sculptural quality, where nature’s landscape is built through the layering and collaging of a variety of natural materials, creating complex organic patterns and textures.

Carol explains that chaos defined her life when she was young and from it, she formed a strong sense of empathy and curiosity about the nature of relationships that she attempts to translate into her art. Carol tells stories in wax and pigment that begin with chaos and some beautiful destruction, which eventually build into many layers of color and texture speaking of how our nature is linked to our surroundings. Encaustic painting is the way Carol gathers the world around her, drawing on her own history and using the language of the materials to concoct fictions that she hopes will resonate with others.

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Brittany is an Austin-based artist known for her abstract female portraits and figures. Brittany developed a passion for Shakespeare, Picasso, and Salvador Dali at a young age. She loved drawing, painting, and theater and continued to draw figures and portraits through grade school, high school, and college. When her children were born, Brittany suffered from postpartum depression and the struggle felt endless. She longed for a creative escape that would allow her to reconnect with the strong and creative woman inside her. She quickly turned a spare room at home into a studio and began creating. In that space, she was reminded of the strength and bravery within her.

Margie works with adolescents as a psychiatric nurse. She creates and paints as a way to remind herself of all that is beautiful in nature; it is a meditative and spiritual practice. Margie believes these two things go hand and hand, as she believes in the power of holistic health and the mind, body, and spirit connection. Margie looks for beauty with compassionate eyes to find the innate truth—whether that be a person’s gifts and talents, challenges and hurts, the structure of a bird’s wing, the texture of bark, or the calming colors and quietness in nature.

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With 20 years of experience in interior design and 10+ years in the fashion design & sales, Bennett began to apply her tactile creative experience to mixed media artwork.  Her new body of work combines graphic modern art with natural objects and ethically sourced handmade textiles. Many of these items & objects are unused or discarded, therefore her art gives them a new purpose and life.  As a lifelong naturalist and artist, Bennett seeks to bring attention to natural beauty while combining and presenting them in an impactful, striking, fresh, and modern way. 

Sophia is an abstract artist based in Austin, TX. Her work is an expression of hope in God's promises; honoring both humanity and divinity. Each piece is a unique conversation. Her aim is to inspire faith in the presence of life's doubts, uncertainties and disappointments.

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Richard Trumbull is an American artist, born in the Midwest and living in San Diego, California and San Miguel de Allende.  He is best known for his portraiture and abstracted landscapes which have been shown internationally. In Mexico, Trumbull is currently represented by the prestigious Zoho Gallery in San Miguel de Allende.

Sophia is an abstract artist based in Austin, TX. Her work is an expression of life through color and self-discovery. Each piece is a unique conversation. Her aim is to inspire our own realizations through viewing her art.

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