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Margie Bailey

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Margie creates and paints as a way to remind herself of all that is beautiful in nature. It is a meditative and spiritual practice, somewhat like her profession. Margie is also a psychiatric nurse, working with children, adolescents, and young adults. Margie believes that these two things go together because she believes in the power of holistic health and the mind, body, and spirit connection. When one feels calm or breathes fresh air, one can calm the mind and body. Margie looks for beauty, meaning she looks with compassionate eyes to find the innate truth in all that she sees—whether that be a person’s gifts and talents, challenges and hurts or the structure of a bird’s wing, the texture of bark or the calming colors and quietness in nature. 

Margie wishes to create pieces that bring a sense of calm to the viewer. She wants to remind them of the mysteries in nature such as the beauty evoked where the land or waters meet the sky or a personal memory that takes you right back to a place where all of your senses were alive. The ultimate goal is when a viewer senses peace or remembers a beautiful moment in nature.

Margie graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Graphic Design and Ceramics. Her ceramic pieces have been in the Robert Redford Sundance Catalog and have been reproduced by John Simmons for Carnevale. Her work has been in several galleries in Memphis, TN, and Atlanta, GA. She also creates vintage one-of-a-kind handbags and belts, zen rocks wrapped in leather with Japanese knots, among other meditative creative endeavors. Margie also teaches the occasional after-school art classes to children and has worked in several art galleries in Atlanta, GA. Margie started painting about 6 months ago when her RN work schedule became more consistent and she could try her hand at fulfilling her dream of being a painter. Margie currently lives in Minneapolis, MN, and works mainly with oils on cotton or linen canvas, artist boards, or birch panels.

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