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Julie Pelaez


Julie creates because it gives her the ability to tell a storyteller. Her abstract art conveys the lessons in self-discovery that continue to provide and reinforce the person she wants to become. Through themes of empowerment and rich with hidden symbolism, her art cultivates connection while elevating interiors. Each artwork is so much more than a pretty rectangle on the wall. Julie portrays a personal narrative, an inspiration, a rallying cry. Every collection stems from its own unique concept communicated through different combinations of mediums and materials. The questions her artwork poses require self-reflection on the part of the viewer as we all try to become better versions of ourselves. 

Artsy backstory: Daughter to a watercolor artist; BFA from the University of Delaware; 10-year career as Advertising Art Director prior to discovering my calling as a fine artist

Aside from art, Julie has been married for 20+ years to her best friend. She is also a mother of 2 teen boys with extreme hobbies (go-kart racing and aviation), She is passionately soaking up life and squeezing out color. from my home studio in Austin, Texas.

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