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Lisa Bennett


As the daughter of an art teacher, Lisa grew up in wooded rural Northeastern Ohio. She went to school in upstate New York and worked in the design world. Being a lover of nature, Lisa has always been drawn to art and the masterful awe-inspiring details found in nature. Even as a child, Lisa has always been fascinated by the inherent and intricate beauty of nature. Whether it's the vivid colors of bird's feathers or the subtle designs written in the textures of a seashell, Lisa finds that every part of their masterful design serves both as tremendous function as well as beautiful form.


Lisa's artwork has been collected by many across the nation, Santa Fe, NM to Austin, TX. It is her desire to provide a modern way of presenting nature. The natural elements she carefully chooses are arranged to produce a bold geometric impact. Lisa hopes that the observer is initially struck by the visually graphic impact of the design, as they move closer to investigate, they are also struck by the masterful natural details & elements found in the materials used to create each piece. She carefully selects natural pieces for her work, considering the texture, form, shape, color, and pattern.


Lisa ethically sources the raw materials that she uses in her work—whether it is wood from fallen trees or from antlers naturally shed by deer or elk, she likes to use the often discarded or unused items from nature to give them new identity and purpose.

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