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Brittany Atkinson


Brittany is an Austin-based artist known for her abstract female portraits and figures. After a childhood spent in Houston, Brittany now calls Austin home. The food scene, live music venues, festivals, and endless outdoor space provide Brittany and her family with plenty of entertainment. On any Saturday afternoon, she can be found hiking or exploring the creeks, rivers, and lakes with her husband and two young sons.

Brittany knew her calling was to be an artist. Brittany developed a passion for Shakespeare, Picasso, and Salvador Dali at a young age. She loved drawing, painting, and theater and continued to draw figures and portraits through grade school,  high school, and college. Brittany enrolled in several art courses in college but ultimately graduated with a degree in creative advertising from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

When her children were born, Brittany suffered from postpartum depression. Because she was also home full-time with her boys, the struggle felt endless. She longed for a creative escape that would allow her to reconnect with the strong and creative woman inside her.

Brittany started attending art gallery exhibitions around Texas, and with each visit, her passion for the arts was reignited. The pull to create was emotionally overwhelming, and her call to action on that feeling was immediate. She quickly turned a spare room at home into a studio and began creating. In that space, she was reminded of the strength and bravery within her.

Brittany's collection of original art can be found at Sparrow Interiors and Art Direct Gallery in Austin, Texas, the Scouted Studio online, and PXP Contemporary online. 

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