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Our Process

At Sparrow Interiors & Gifts, we believe that every home is a canvas, and our full-service interior design studio team is dedicated to creating a space that you love down to every last detail. Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing an existing space, we will collaborate with you to find the perfect accessories that suit your style. From styling a shelf to accessorizing your entire space, no project is too small!

Our design process is divided into several phases, each carefully curated to ensure that your vision is brought to life with precision and creativity:

Consultation and Conceptualization

In the first phase, our team will get to know you and your space. What inspires you? What are your design goals and expectations? We understand that every client is unique, and our mission is to create a design that is a true reflection of your individual style, preferences, and requirements.


We'll work closely with you to develop a design concept and mood board that captures the essence of your vision. We’ll also discuss the overall scope of work you are wanting to be done, and establish a clear understanding of deliverables, timelines, and budget.


You can choose to have your initial consultation in our dedicated design library, or our expert designers can visit your space, take measurements, and assess its existing features, such as architecture, lighting, and functionality.

Design and Construction

With a solid foundation laid during the consultation and conceptualization phase, we now move into design and construction. This is where the magic happens, as we start bringing your dream space to life.

Beginning with space planning and schematic design, our designers will create a detailed floor plan that optimizes the functionality and flow of your space while adhering to your design preferences. We'll help you choose the perfect materials, finishes, and color palettes to complement your vision, ensuring your space is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, we provide drawings and specification documents with on-site observation to ensure everything that is built accurately reflects the design intent.

Purchase and Procurement

In the purchase and procurement phase, we turn our collaborative designs into tangible, beautiful, and functional pieces for your space. 

With the plans in place, our team will assist you in selecting the perfect furniture, decor, and accessories to complement your design concept while aligning with your style and budget.

We handle all the logistics of ordering and procuring the chosen items - our network of premiere suppliers and vendors allows us to secure the highest-quality products at competitive prices, taking all the stress off of your shoulders.

Before items are delivered to your space, we thoroughly inspect and quality-check each piece to ensure it meets our standards and your expectations.

Installation and The Reveal

The final phase is the most exciting part of the journey - it's when we transform your space from a canvas into a masterpiece!

Our skilled team will manage and supervise the proper installation of all interior goods so that everything is placed in accordance with the design plan and without damage. We also handle the finishing touches, such as arranging decor and styling the space to create a harmonious, inviting, and functional environment.

After that, all that’s left is the big reveal – it’s always an exciting and emotional moment as you see your dream interior design come to life, and the Sparrow Interiors team is proud to be able to share that moment with our clients. We'll conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the results, and any last-minute adjustments or requests are taken care of promptly.

At Sparrow Interiors & Gifts, our ultimate goal is to create spaces that exceed your expectations and reflect your unique personality and taste. With our comprehensive interior design process, from initial consultation to the grand reveal, we're dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience that captures your vision and adds genuine beauty and functionality to your life.

Ready to start your interior design journey with Sparrow Interiors & Gifts? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward transforming your home into a work of art!

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