Julie Skymba

Director of Retail & Merchandising

Art Consultant


From early childhood, Julie demonstrated a natural instinct for color, space, and composition. Those skills, combined with a personal inventiveness with fashion, she sought a Bachelor of Science, Professional in Textiles and Apparel Design from East Carolina University, along with a double minor in Art and Literature. 


While designing clothing for private clientele on the east coast, Julie continued her art studies at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. Soon thereafter an unsought opportunity presented itself, leading to a stint in retail merchandising and store design. Realizing her design skills in the area of interiors combined with her love of art, her true creative passion was revealed.

After moving to Austin in 1996, she began designing residential interiors with a heavy focus on art. Some years later, Julie joined a commercial art consulting firm as a project manager and co-founded a residential art consulting business. 


At Sparrow, Julie uses her talents as the Director of Retail & Merchandising and Art Advisor/Consultant.

Contact: julie@sparrowinteriors.com